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Making cryptocurrency clear

Find the crypto data you need – whether you’re looking to trade on a new exchange, invest in a fresh currency, or take a view on the big picture in global markets. Coinread lets you tailor tools to your interests, offering digestible up to date information: discover, track, share.

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Key Features

Our software collects market data from more than a hundred cryptocurrency exchanges, so you can zoom in or out instantly. Customise what you see and how, for cryptocurrency data that’s easy to follow and understand.


Find the rankings of cryptocurrencies over various time ranges and based on key metrics.


Track the price movements between cryptocurrencies of your choice.


Keep track of your investments and monitor the performance of your portfolio.


Share charts with others on social media.

Our approach

We believe crypto is here to stay — and that a future worth building is one which opens its doors and invites everyone in.


We help you make sense of the coins, the terms, the dense charts and market changes.


Our map of the crypto-landscape is always current, fuelling curiosity with real-world relevance.


Coinread supports the cryptocommunity, putting data in the hands which need it most.

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