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0.342% ($0.004, 24H)
  • Market Cap$40,527,850,320
  • Volume (24H)$1,214,278,034
  • Circulating Supply32,065,788,386
  • Max Supply45,000,000,000
  • High (24H)$1.31
  • Low (24H)$1.25
  • Change (1H)0.096%
  • Change (7D)8.48%
  • Change (1M)-5.6%
  • Change (1Y)776.44%

One of the first blockchain platforms to be built in the Haskell programming language, Cardano (ADA) was born out of the scientific philosophy of its founder Charles Hoskinson in 2015. With big plans for the future, Cardano’s roadmap has forecast five eras named after notable thinkers from history. ADA’s algorithm is peer-reviewed by respected academics, and facilitates the creation of DApps to allow constant evolution and developer engagement. Based on a democratic system of governance, Cardano plans to fund itself and is supported by three separate organisations – the Cardano Foundation which oversees its development, IOHK which is responsible for the platform’s design and build, and the for-profit Emurgo which spearheads Cardon’s commercial activities. Based on a unique Proof-of-stake system called Ouroboros, ‘epochs’ – units of time, like a work day – are led by an elected individual and approved by input endorsers. ADA holders can earn rewards in the Shelley Incentivised Testnet, launched May 2020, by delegating their stakes or running a pool.


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