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-0.538% (-$0.007, 24H)
  • Market Cap$87,765,905
  • Volume (24H)$2,335,209
  • Circulating Supply65,729,675
  • Max Supply105,120,000
  • High (24H)$1.39
  • Low (24H)$1.32
  • Change (1H)0.13%
  • Change (7D)7.06%
  • Change (1M)-8.4%
  • Change (1Y)-37%

Open-source peer-to-peer payment network MonaCoin (MONA) was conceived in 2013 by the mysterious ‘Mr Watanabe’ from Japanese bulletin board 2-channel. As the first cryptocurrency to be developed in Japan, it gained traction after WBS TV Network Tokyo reported on a man using MonaCoin to buy a plot of land in Nagano. With its highly creative community and a dedicated marketplace which exchanges MonaCoin for everything from tomatoes to fan art, it’s a currency defined by its users as much as its algorithm. As MonaCoin’s website notes, ‘Monacoin users have brought up various kinds of Mona-based web applications and services, have erected shrines in appreciation of Monacoin, regularly play word games when tipping others (known as "monage" (モナゲ, lit. "throwing mona")), and otherwise use the coin in ways users of most other coins would never have thought of.’ With no pre-mining or initial coin offering, MonaCoin is committed to fairness and decentralised distribution within its self-contained economy.


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