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WOM ProtocolWOM#488

-2.14% (-$0.005, 24H)
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  • Market Cap$24,072,320
  • Volume (24H)$2,483,189
  • Circulating Supply103,207,448
  • Max Supply1,000,000,000
  • High (24H)$0.24
  • Low (24H)$0.23
  • Change (1H)0.28%
  • Change (7D)-39%
  • Change (1M)75.29%
  • Change (1Y)-7.0%

The Word of Mouth (WOM) protocol leverages the most powerful form of marketing -- authentic, word-of-mouth reviews and recommendations. Its goal is to cut out the advertising middlemen and put the marketing power in the hands of legitimate consumers who can recommend goods and services to people like them. The WOM blockchain empowers brands, publishers, bloggers and social networks to monetise all honest and authentic word-of-mouth recommendations -- regardless of the platform or app used to submit them. The premise of the WOM protocol is that content creators can utilise WOM-supported platforms to publish genuine and detailed reviews and recommendations of brands, products, services or experiences. Curators can then verify and validate these comments for their legitimacy and accuracy. Their role is to filter out the unhelpful and factually incorrect comments made by bots and fraudsters. Once consumers act upon these authentic, verified reviews, content creators and curators are rewarded for their work in the form of WOM tokens. WOM is single-handedly trying to usher in a next-generation form of influencer marketing. Its protocol can be seamlessly integrated with the leading social media platforms, rewarding social brands with WOM tokens every time their users interact with WOM-powered content on their channels. Furthermore, brands get direct access to genuine, user-generated content that their prospects and existing customers love to read. Global brands like adidas are already firmly on board, with many more expected to follow suit.


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