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YocoinYOCunranked 4 Aug, 2021

48.82% ($0.00, 24H)
  • Market Cap$188,435.58
  • Volume (24H)$0.00036
  • Circulating Supply369,659,255
  • Max Supply369,659,255
  • High (24H)$0.0017
  • Low (24H)$0.00000000000000024
  • Change (1H)-0.0039%
  • Change (7D)4.31%
  • Change (1M)-64%
  • Change (1Y)107.07%

YoCoin (YOC) is a fully decentralised platform, equipped with the functionality for users to design and execute smart contracts and decentralised apps (dApps). YOC cryptocurrency is based on the Scrypt mining algorithm, making it possible for anyone with modest graphics cards and technologies to mine it with little effort. The YoCoin project is focused squarely on the millennial demographic, helping to create a contemporary and relatable cryptocurrency brand. YOC coins and the YoCoin crypto wallet are just two facets of the overall YoCoin ecosystem. YoCoin uses its own programming language known as 'Solidity' to help organisations to build their own YoCoin-compatible tokens to act as a form of ownership and credit for various commercial purposes. YoCoin is also passionate about helping communities and organisations to build democratically autonomous organisations (DAOs) that mitigate the subjectivity of having individuals responsible for certain actions or tasks. Smart contract-powered YoCoin-based DAOs can provide transparency and efficiency for all kinds of businesses and groups.


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