Binance for Beginners

Our comprehensive Binance beginners’ guide covers all aspects of trading cryptocurrency on one of the biggest exchanges, from account setup to withdrawals.

How Blockchain Technology Can Help Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains distribute everything from pharmaceutical drugs to clothing and beyond. But in order to get a product from one end of the supply chain to the other, a variety of companies throughout the chain need to effectively play their role.

The most influential people in cryptocurrency

Learn about some of the people who are pushing new technologies & ideas in the crypto world & how this is making a difference to how we approach cryptocurrency.

Where can I spend my cryptocurrency?

Discover how and where to spend cryptocurrency, how cryptocurrency debit cards work and which online retailers and websites are currently accepting digital currencies with Coinread.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the most popular places to buy and sell cryptocurrencies online. You can exchange one cryptocurrency for another, or you can purchase cryptocurrency using fiat currencies like pounds (GBP) or dollars (USD).Think of it like a stock exchange for cryptocurrencies instead of stocks and shares. The value of one cryptocurrency against another rises and falls based on supply and demand. It can also be influenced by fundamental factors like industry news – good or bad – regarding a particular cryptocurrency.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens or assets. As such, they do not in physical form, so you cannot store them the way you store precious metals or fiat (paper) currency. Instead, what you need to do is store the public address of your wallet and the private keys that give you access to your wallet. You can think of your public key as an account number in which you can deposit tokens or coins of a specific type, and you can think of private keys as a unique, secure, and completely private access key to your account that you and only you have.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency may seem a little confusing at first, which is possibly why you are here. This guide will give you information on what cryptocurrency is and how you might use it. Coinread makes cryptocurrency easy so you can successfully use it in your life and explore the possibility of enjoying financial autonomy beyond the realms of everyday centralized banking.